If you’re a Business Victim, You may NEVER be Successful

Have you ever had that feeling of being in a downward spiral? It can be quite scary. Unable to break the cycle, snap yourself out of it and get yourself back on track. Unfortunately, if it affects your mindset, it can make you a victim in your own business. It’s a serious situation which can be extremely damaging. On the positive side, you’re not alone; many people suffer from some form of negativity or feelings of helplessness in their business life.  One way to recognise this situation is when you or your staff are making excuses when things aren’t going to plan. Maybe blaming someone else for what has happened or simply being in denial.

Nobody can live their life in a Vacuum

As individuals, from the moment you are born you start to learn and experience life. That probably sounds a bit deep. But it’s true, who you are and how you think is shaped from a very early age. What this means is that we all have our own perceptions and form of reasoning, plus a personal set of beliefs and a value system that is applied to everyday life. You may have been asked if you are a glass half full or half empty type of person. This simply means do you look at a situation by taking a positive approach or a negative one. If you recognise this distinction then you are on your way.

You can take a different Approach

It could be a huge task for you to change your values and beliefs. They are fundamentally what defines you as an individual. But you can be aware of them and act accordingly. Recognise a situation for what it is and make a conscious decision to choose your response to a given situation. To learn more, take a look at a book written by Professor Steve Peters called the Chimp Paradox. It’s a really inspirational book that explains how your brain works and how to manage yourself by controlling your ‘chimp’. It’s a great reference point when you find yourself facing a business challenge.

Everything must be your Fault

I suspect you have at some time in your life blamed another person or event for something that has gone wrong. Deflecting away from the reality of a situation is often an easier route to follow. It allows you to live with yourself. Perhaps you have found a good excuse as to why your business is under-performing. You might say that it’s not about you, it’s just the economic situation, time of year or not having the right calibre of staff. These scenarios put you in a state of denial, reluctant to face the reality of what is happening in your business. The first big step for you is to recognise this situation. You then need to go against your natural instinct and start to take ownership, accountability and responsibility. The one universal truth is this: the only person that is responsible for the success of your business is you.

Grant Cardone, named the number one marketer to watch by Forbes Magazine, has always taken a proactive view. When things go wrong, he happily admits that everything is his fault and takes responsibility. It’s about owning your own situation and not just passing it off to someone else. To have the drive to succeed and remain focused on your end goal.

Focus on what can make you more Successful

A good start is being able to recognise when you are taking a negative stance. You need to start pulling in the other direction. Think about how you can own the challenge. Become more responsible for your actions and work out what success looks like. Once you have identified the real issue you can begin to address it. Create strategies to deal with the business challenge. You can also articulate these to the rest of your team in a coherent and logical manner. A great way to engage with the rest of the business. One thing that you really should avoid is negative people who are probably victims themselves. They can be quite destructive for you, particularly if you are just starting out on your journey. You are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so why not surround yourself with positive people who take ownership, accountability and responsibility very seriously.

Find a method of Support that works for You

Sharing your experiences and challenges can give you a real advantage. This can be done in a structured way with like-minded business owners. A mentoring group, a networking organisation or a Business Book Club are great places to discuss your thoughts in a collaborative and supportive environment.  For some of us, it’s easier to talk to an individual on a one to one basis. Look for an impartial person who will take an objective view and assess the factors independently. A mentor will provide advice and a coach will ask you the difficult questions and help you discover the answers you need. When you are working in your own business it can be difficult to lift yourself out of the daily tasks. You become reactive and tend to just deal with what’s in front of you. Seek the support of others to help you move forward.

The good news is that you are not alone. Don’t be a victim who looks to blame others, make excuses or deny responsibility. Be honest with yourself and make a conscious decision to take ownership of what happens next.

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