Marshall Electrical Services Enjoys 85% Increase in Turnover

Outstanding Results Come from Real Focus on Business

Lee Marshall set up Marshall Electrical Services as a sole trader in 2016. Lee is a qualified electrician working in the domestic and commercial markets. His base was an office at home from where he travelled to see his customers. In 2019 he was invited to a local networking group and immediately saw how he could generate new business. When he became a member, he started to draw on the expertise of different business owners. It was here he met Garry and was introduced to the concept of a business coach.

Lee said “At the time I didn’t have a vision for the business. It was a question of just keeping the work coming in, but I knew I wanted to grow. The ambition was there but I didn’t know the right people.”

Attending Garry’s Business Growth Club, Lee took time away from the business and was able to create his 90-day plan. The follow-up to this was a fortnightly one to one coaching session where Lee worked on the business and his progress towards his goals was monitored. It was an experience that would move him out of working in the business to managing the whole operation.

Four years later and the business is now a Limited company with a team of six people in a purpose-built unit. Since he started coaching with Garry, Lee’s turnover has increased by 85%


Understanding How to Grow

Lee was aware of how difficult it was to build a growth plan when he was working in the business. He was very close to the day-to-day management, single-handedly winning new customers, completing the jobs and managing invoices. But he realised he would need to make changes. More electricians would be needed to carry out the additional work and admin support to help with the paperwork. But he didn’t want to employ anyone whilst he was working from his home office. This gave him two primary goals, to rent a unit and find the right people to expand his team.

Lee said “Before the coaching, I lacked the confidence to do what I needed to do and the knowledge on how to go about it. I’m an electrician, I do quotes, do the work then invoice the customer. But through my network, I was starting to make the right connections.”

Lee met Garry through his recently discovered network. He had the ambition to grow the business but didn’t have a growth plan and was very cautious. By having a better understanding of his requirements he could pinpoint what he needed then call on the relevant expertise to make it a reality.

Becoming a Business Owner

Garry encouraged Lee to set aside time away from his day to attending the Business Planning Growth Club.  This gave Lee a chance to think about his business in more depth and answer some challenging questions. He started to build his 90-day plan and a vision for his company. By creating this plan, he now had a series of agreed activities to complete. At this point, it’s very easy to go back to the office and carry on doing what you’ve always done, but with Garry as his coach, he had accountability to hold him to his plan.

Lee said, “This was an activity where I was being held accountable. It was good for me because I was the only one who could make sure it happened. Garry gave me the focus that I needed to make me do the stuff and I knew it was going to be good for my business.”

Garry provided ongoing support to ensure the plan was delivered. The ActionCOACH 90-day plan was task orientated so Lee regularly checked his progress against the deliverables and Garry ensured that progress was being made. This was done through the fortnightly coaching sessions which were also an opportunity to examine challenges, get fresh perspectives and work on new ideas for the business.

The Benefits of Coaching

Previously Lee would be out with customers all day then come back home to start work on the laptop. Generating quotes, certificates and invoices. Through the coaching and his own hard work, he now had a team to support him. There was someone in the office who could manage the ordering of materials, delivery and invoices and a team of qualified electricians delivering services to domestic and commercial customers. Lee admits that before he started working with Garry he had no business systems or processes in place. These were now crucial to ensure his team spent their time delivering electrical services and not waiting in merchants for materials. From a business owner perspective, he was now looking at monthly reports on productivity, billing hours and how to cut costs.

Garry has been there every step of the way for me. He has brought out the confidence in me to do what I needed and has helped me grow personally by pushing the boundaries. I was an electrician when I met Garry, I’m now a business owner.”

A sign of Lee’s confidence is the recent launch of Electron EV, his new electric vehicle (EV) charging business.  This is a growing market and a great opportunity to expand in a way not even Lee could have imagined. He would be the first to admit that he wouldn’t have done any of this without Garry by his side.